Food Safety

Dedicated to food safety in all its forms.

At Jennie-O Turkey Store, protecting your business is our business.  And that is why we do so much to safeguard turkey. We start with the key industry initiatives (such as HACCP and NTIS certification) in all our facilities. Then we go far beyond these measures to ensure you the utmost in food safety.

Our advanced, proprietary, self-imposed food safety programs are among the most stringent in the industry.  Our entire reputation rides on our products' quality, safety and performance on your menu.  So we don't take shortcuts with our reputation -- or yours.

Tips for Food Safety

Proper and safe food handling practices are essential because the health of customers is involved, as well as the efficiency and profitability of the foodservice operation.

At Jennie-O Turkey Store, we take food safety as seriously as we take great taste. That's why we're arming you with the knowledge to properly prepare and cook raw meat to ensure food safety and a delicious meal for your family.

Follow these 4 rules to ensure food safety.





Check the following websites for additional information:

National Turkey Federation

National Restaurant Association

Government Food Safety offices