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Search Criteria: Dark Meat Turkey - Sliced

Any foodservice operation will save preparation time while delivering an exciting and flavor packed menu with these labor saving cooked specialty turkey products. Specialty cooked turkey products are available in whole, roasted turkey, drumstick and pulled white meat varieties. They’re perfect for tasty, unique and convenience customer favorites.

Product Description

Pack Size

Product Code

JENNIE-O Turkey Salami Sliced .5 Ounces
1 LB
JENNIE-O Turkey Bologna Sliced .5 Ounces
1 LB
JENNIE-O Turkey Combo Pack Sliced .5 Ounces
1 LB
JENNIE-O Turkey Combo Pack .5 Ounces Per Slice
1 LB
JENNIE-O Italian Turkey Combo Pack Sliced
1 LB